Calming Heart Beat Sheep


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heat beat sheep
heat beat sheep


Check out the woof-tastic features of our Heart Beat Sheep Pet Toy:

Realistic Heart Beat: Our pet toy features a realistic heart beat that mimics the comforting rhythm of a loving heart. It’s like a virtual hug from a furry friend that your puppy can snuggle up to, providing them with a sense of security and comfort.

Soft Plush Toy: Made from soft and cuddly materials, our plush sheep pet toy is perfect for gentle playtime and cozy naptime. Its fluffy texture and cute design make it the pawfect companion for your pup to cuddle and play with all day long!

Replaceable Batteries: No need to fret about running out of heartwarming moments! The Heart Beat Sheep Pet Toy is powered by replaceable batteries, so your pup can enjoy the calming effects for a long time. Simply replace the batteries when needed and keep the heart beat going strong!

Soothing for New Puppies: Moving to a new home can be stressful for puppies, but our Heart Beat Sheep Pet Toy is here to help! The realistic heart beat and soft plush toy provide comfort and reassurance to new puppies, helping them feel secure and at ease in their new surroundings.

With the Heart Beat Sheep Pet Toy, you’ll be providing your fur baby with the ultimate companion to help ease any separation anxiety and provide them with the comfort they need during those crucial early days. So, give your pup the gift of warmth, comfort, and security with our Heart Beat Sheep Pet Toy today!

Don’t wait! Order your Heart Beat Sheep Pet Toy now and give your pup the loving embrace they deserve!

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  1. R&E Jones

    We’ve bought a few things from this great company but the Calming Heart Beat Sheep is our pups ‘bestie’. Started out with the soothing heartbeat of a night but b4 long she turned it on and off herself and it later became her wrestling sparring partner. ‘Lammy’ is her fav thing in her whole little world.

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