Plush Paw Print Pet Blanket



Does your furry friend deserve the absolute best in comfort and style?   Look no further!    Our Plush Paw Print Pet Blanket is here to bring joy, warmth, and that oh-so-cozy feeling to your pet’s life.

Whether your companion is a cuddly cat, a playful puppy, a tiny kitten, or a loyal dog, this blanket is tailor-made for them.   From the couch to their favorite pet bed, inside your car to outdoor adventures, and even right on the floor, the options are endless.

Worried about keeping it clean?   Fear not!   This Paw Print Pet Blanket is 100% Machine Washable and dries in a snap.

Blankets aren’t just accessories; they’re essential for our furry pals. They allow them to snuggle up, breathe freely, and move around with ease while staying warm and oh-so-comfortable. It’s like a warm hug that never ends, creating that homely feeling even when they’re in temporary digs.

From bouncy puppies to wise seniors, this Plush Paw Print Pet Blanket suits every doggone situation. Car rides become cozier, crates become comfier, bedding becomes a dream, and cuddle sessions become epic. It’s the ultimate multitasker in the world of pet gear!

But let’s not forget about your furniture!   Fleece blankets aren’t just heavenly for your pets; they’re guardian angels for your couch and bed too. Shielding against scratching and pet hair, they’re your secret weapon in maintaining a clean and stylish home.

And can we talk about how adorable those paw-some patterns are? Not a single pill in sight, and the skin-friendly texture is pure bliss. Whether they’re snoozing on the couch or relaxing in their cozy pet carrier, they’re surrounded by love and comfort.

Upgrade your pet’s comfort game today with our Paw Print Soft Plush Pet Blanket. They’ll thank you with wagging tails, contented purrs, and those heart-melting gazes that speak volumes.

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Weight N/A
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Blue, Brown, Pink, White


Medium (80cm x 60cm), Large (100cm x 80cm)


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